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Christian Theodore, aka “The Haitian Sensation”, is a Manager at Bar Le Mal Nécessaire, a tiki-inspired cocktail bar located in Chinatown, Montreal, known for its fresh ingredients and its zero-waste program. In addition to being a mixologist, Christian is also learning to become a professional mixed martial artist and teaches boxing and kickboxing under the guidance of former 3x World Champion and UFC #1 contender, David Loiseau. Fun fact: Christian was only 20 years old when he won his first MMA fight, in the first round. Around the same time, he was making his first steps in the bar industry, where he’s been learning from some of the best bartenders in the city for over 7 years. Passionate about martial arts, bartending, and DJing, Christian has a vivid interest and curiosity for movement, people, and music which definitely translates into his work and other spheres of his life.


"Use Bitters"

Bitters are a fun and easy way to spice up your cocktails. They allow you to add complexity, emphasize flavours, or simply add new dimensions to your drinks!

"Free Pouring"

Free pouring is a great way to become a more efficient bartender. It’s an easy skill to learn once you get the hang of it. When you do, you can start pouring multiple bottles at once and attempt some cool tricks like clock-pouring!

"Stay Clean and Organized at Your Station"

The first thing I tell every bartender of any level is to stay organized and keep your station clean. This applies whether you’re a professional or just making drinks for fun. It makes for fewer mistakes, no wasted time looking for things, and fewer accidents, which, all together, allows you to be more productive and proficient.

"Zesting Your Cocktails"

Most people have heard of zesting an orange on an Old-Fashioned, or a lemon on a Dry Martini, but you can also use alcohol, among other things, to add zest to your cocktails. For instance, at Mal Nécessaire, we have a few cocktails with a Mezcal or Scotch spray on the menu. It allows you to emphasize or add flavour to a cocktail, without playing too much with its balance. Some classics also call for an absinthe zest!


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