Tonic Water

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Top it with a great tonic

This isn’t your grandpa’s Tonic Water. It’s a whole new taste. And the reason is lemongrass – a tropical plant whose complex, sophisticated flavour adds a touch of the exotic to all your cocktails. Forget classic British tonic waters and open a bottle of ours.

It’s got that bitter taste we know and love, but with bright, citrus aromas and subtly herbaceous notes. It’s refreshing served as is, but truly comes to life in a gin and tonic or your other favourite spirits.

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What about the other great flavours?

Watermelon & Hibiscus

Our Watermelon and Hibiscus Soda is a taste temptation too great to resist. Fresh and thirst-quenching on its own, our Watermelon and Hibiscus Soda also stands tall among even the strongest of spirits.

Bitter Lemon

Deliciously sweet and bitter, our perfectly balanced Bitter Lemon Soda has it all, and perfectly complements any cocktail made with gin or vodka.

Spicy Ginger Beer

Naturally flavoured, our Spicy Ginger Beer is intense. The unique kick makes it a favourite for those looking to liven up their cocktails.

Spicy Pineapple

The fresh light scent and sweet tangy pineapple flavour make this soda the perfect companion for any exotic cocktail!

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