Montreal, May 4th, 2021 – The Great Gentleman, formerly known as The Great Jamaican, is a leader in the premium mix category preferred by discerning consumers, mixologists and those in the hospitality industry. Born from the love for mixology and believing that life’s greatest discoveries are seldom left to chance, our name now more accurately expresses and celebrates people and tastes from around the world.

Well-Travelled, Well-known and Well-Trusted

Over the years, we have become a trusted partner for both consumers and mixologists, with friends from every corner of the globe: Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling, Barbados Collins, Rawdon Feels. And our cocktail mixes and creations are meant to be experienced with all the senses. We raise our glasses to you, to life, to love, and to discovering new sensations that pique our imaginations.

New packaging, same great taste !

Spicy Ginger Beer

Naturally flavoured, our spicy soda is intense. The unique kick makes it a favourite for those looking to liven up their cocktails.

Tonic Water

Highly sophisticated, this isn’t your grandpa’s tonic water. Lemongrass flavour enhances and elevates any cocktail you can imagine.

Bitter Lemon

Deliciously sweet and bitter, our perfectly balanced soda has it all, and perfectly complements any cocktail made with gin or vodka.

Spicy Pineapple

The fresh light scent and sweet tangy pineapple flavour make this soda the perfect companion for any exotic cocktail!

About The Great Gentleman

We are forever on a quest – we look for that something extra; the spice, the fruit, the zing. To mix and match flavours, colours, moods, and people, to create something completely new and unique, or to improve on existing traditions. That’s why The Great Gentleman cocktail mixers are always perfectly paired. For experimenting. For shaking things up. For sharing. We combine ideas in adventurous new ways with unique blends to inspire the senses and celebrate great taste.