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It’s good to be great

Life’s too short for boring

The Great Gentleman believes life is great and can be greater. So, we look for something extra; the spice, the fruit, the zing. In our quest to mix and match flavours, colours, moods, and people, we create something completely unique or improve on traditions. That’s why The Great Gentleman cocktail mixers are always perfectly paired. For experimenting. For shaking things up. For sharing. We combine ideas in adventurous new ways with unique blends that celebrate taste.

The Great Gentleman is a trusted partner for mixologists from coast to coast, with friends from every corner of the globe: Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling, Barbados Collins, Rawdon Feels. Our drinks are experienced with all five senses… they are felt, seen, heard, smelled and, above all, tasted. We are The Great Gentleman artisans, and we raise our glasses to life, to love, to you.

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The Gentleman's Code of Conduct

What is a gentleman? Here are eight rules for everyone – men and women – to follow.


Polite, well-spoken, profanity-free living with total consideration for others.


Understated, modest, appreciative of kindness and professionalism.


True to friends and life partners in good times and times of need.


Courageous enough to tell the truth and staying true to others as well as yourself.


Adventurous and open-minded with the mental and moral strength to face difficulty.


Listening skills that show real interest in others and being able to admit mistakes.


Unselfish kindness in word and deed that makes others feel welcome and accepted.


Knowing what to wear, as well as when, where and how to wear it.

Making the most of life during lockdown

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