Mixology is arts and crafts for grown-ups.

It’s chemistry, it’s imagination, it’s courage, and it’s unlimited pleasure. With the right ingredients, the proper tools, and a desire to create, mixology quenches a passion for great taste. Concocting delicious drinks, from simple to complex, is a creative expression everyone can enjoy. Learn mixology from the best.

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The tools of the trade

Amateur and pro mixologists need only a few essential tools to practice this craft.

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28 oz to mix and cool cocktails – pros prefer two-piece shakers but all-in-one works well too

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Two-sided measurer helps you be precise – standard 1½ oz at one end and 1 oz on the other

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Long to mix in a deep glass or scoop garnishes out of a jar, and twisted for easy handling

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Tight coils keep ice shards and herbs in the shaker and out of the cocktail

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Prevents the smallest pieces of mashed fruit pulp and herbs from entering the cocktail

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To mash ingredients like herbs and fruits to release the aromatics that define flavour

Learn from a master mixologist TAO ZRAFI

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The proper glass for the mix

Great mixed drinks demand proper glassware to complete the taste experience.

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To serve on the rocks and neat cocktails – perfect for an old-fashioned or a martini on ice

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For serving tall, fizzy or non-fizzy cocktails on ice – ideally with a weighted bottom for stability

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For shaken or stirred without ice, the classic taper shape enhances the flavour

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Slightly larger, rounded cocktail glass with a broad-rim for salt – ideal for margaritas, daiquiris and other fruit drinks

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Beyond wines, these glasses are excellent for spicy cocktails, frozen margaritas and shandies

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Tall and thin for serving champagne cocktails with added elegance.

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Perfect thermal conductor and THE container for real Moscow Mules made with ginger beer

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Designed to collect a drink’s aromatics so they rise to your nose as one aroma

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The ideal way to enjoy straight-up or mixed shots to start or end an evening Every mixologist should know these

Every great mixologist
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